I wanted to share with you this topic on Change as I feel this is exactly what I am going through in my personal life as I transition into a new career opportunity of being a Realtor. Yoga has been and will always be my first love and I intend to keep it that way but there is a part of me that seeks a new challenge. So this truly speaks to me on a personal level. I have always loved people, helping people and bringing passion to whatever I do.

If i ask you to close your eyes for a minute and look at your life right now : Do you feel any change ? Whether its the change of season, a new job, a new business, a new place, maybe a break up, a transition or even a new relationship or its your health, your finances or even death if you feel a certain emotion arise in you then yes you are experiencing change in your life. Now this can lead to us to either a happy place or a feeling sadness depending on what you are going through.

Irrespective of what you may be going through the one thing in life we can always count on is Change.

Looking at nature we can learn that everything everywhere and at all times is always changing..sun rises, sunsets, days change to night, flowers bloom, a little cocoon becomes a butterfly, something is always born and something is always dying. This is just nature and life at play. There is no resistance, there is no good or bad it just is what is.

On a human level change can be something where the old makes way for newer and better things in life . Just look at the way we communicate in the world now. Each new invention from the old phone to our latest cell phone to social media has forever transformed our present life. If we examine our behavior to each of the previous inventions we may conclude that no matter how good each new thing is the transition is not always easy but actually hard, even harder at times to adapt to. But we always know instinctively that what we are getting now is better than what was. Many times we forget that this new change in our life has arrived now because our old ways are just not serving us.

Amazingly this is exactly what life is doing to us, taking us to newer shores. This is when one must realize that each one of us born with a special unique gift, a profound purpose what Wayne dyer calls the music in our hearts as we were born with, something within you that no one else can hear but you.

As one definition of suffering from the Buddhist monk is “Our resistance to Change is suffering”. One eventually realizes that what change may look is happening on the outside of us is in fact happening from inside. Its a full time inside job.

So even though change can look like a struggle and unbearable at times the sooner we embrace it the sooner we move forward to new things in life.

Let me end with a quote from Gandhi ” Be the change you want to see in the world “.

Love and Peace